StaySafeMask & Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing is a symphony between 3D-design, material, printing settings and the 3D-printer that has to be well orchestrated.

Our team of experts consisting of people from Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal and Spain, has many years of experience in the medical field, additive manufacturing and has technical material knowledge. This combined with 3D-designing and software development skills, we have managed to create the StaySafeMask.

StaySafeMask is more than just a reusable N95 facemask. It is a totally new Supply Chain Concept with the capability of setting up local scaleable production of standard and custom fitted, 3D-tailored and 3D printed reusable N95 facemasks. 

A concept born at the start of a global pandemic as we have never seen before in our lives. A joined effort of friends in both personal and professional relations, who wanted to utilize their skillset for the greater good by fulling a need in these challenging times during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

At the start of the Pandemic, we began with drafting the first sketches with each of us working from home during the lockdowns globally and with necessary dedication, made a ready product. All due the fact that we are equipped with a large amount of knowledge, experience, expertise and drive to contribute to the StaySafeMask.

What´s so special about OUR staysafemask?

Made of Bio-based Advanced Materials

Our StaySafeMasks are depending on the type of mask, either 100% or 50% made from bio-based and bio-degradable plastics.
We are very selective in the materials used to be as sustainable as possible!

We even have developed a Bio-Based, Anti-Microbial version available, combining the best of both worlds!

ZERO Waste Manufacturing process

Our Additive Manufacturing process produces ZERO Waste. All produced StaySafeMasks are designed to use as few as possible raw materials and no extra raw materials are lost in the production process. This means all raw materials used are 100% turned into StaySafeMasks!

Reusable and Sustainable StaySafeMask saves Costs & the environment

Our StaySafeMasks are reusable, time and time again and therefore 'the sustainable alternative' to the disposable masks. Depending on the type of StaySafeMask they are washable or for professional use sterilisable in several ways such as using UV, Chemical Sterilisation etc. By reusing our N95 StaySafeMask we try to keep the impact on the environment as low as possible while at the same time keeping you as safe as possible! By Reusing our StaySafeMasks and just replacing the N95 Filter after a thorough cleaning or sterilisation costs compared to using disposable masks can also be considerably lower!!


Substantial CO2 Reduction compared to disposable N95 masks

Our StaySafeMasks are reusable and and have a much lower carbon footprint both in manufacturing and using than the disposable N95 masks. By using Eco-friendly bio-based materials but also using Additive Manufacturing and creating the possibility of producing the StaySafeMasks as local as possible. We can reduce the environmental impact of using N95 Masks in Healthcare and other industries substantially.
Read More about our Carbon Footprint comparison
Low Carbon Footprint

3D-Tailored Masks ensures optimal safety, best fit & Comfort

Our 3D-Tailored StaySafeMask is individually tailor made to your face shape and contours. Using our StaySafeMask App you are able to make a simple 3D-Selfie and with a few steps order your mask from the comfort of your own home or office. No need to go anywhere!

After we receive your order the 3D-Tailored Custom StaySafeMask is automatically 3D-generated and send to our 3D Printing department for production. This process insures the best fit possible and a safe handeling of your order, no mistakes can be made to ensure the best possible air leakage prevention.

Optimal sealing, optimal comfort and optimal N95 air filtering!

Replaceable NIOSH & CE Approved, N95 Certified Filter

Our StaySafeMasks are all using our own NIOSH & CE Approved, N95 Certified filters to ensure the best possible air filtering for your safety. This type of N95 filters is advised for use by people such as professionals working in environments with a high risk of containing an airborne virus like covid-19. For example doctors dealing with 'potentially' infected people or other healthcare and frontline workers. All of our StaySafeMasks contain this professional N95 Filter to make sure we always protect you in the best possible way!


Easy & Local Scalable Production Anywhere, no special knowledge needed!

We have all heard, seen or maybe even worse, experienced the shortages of proper Personal Protective Equipement! The Supply Chain of PPE such as masks, gloves, suits, face shields etc. is not capable of dealing with the sudden surge in demand. Even if the capacity of factories was enough the distribution and transportation is also a big part of the Supply Chain where things can easily disrupt the proper supply of these essential PPE Products.

3D FabTech AS has developed a complete new way of manufacturing the StaySafeMask by using Additive Manufacturing also known as 3D Printing. But we did not stop there, we have developed a way to be able to locally produce the StaySafeMask. If desired completely 3D-Tailored and custom fitting to individual people without the need of knowledge of 3D-designing, 3D-Printing or any other specific knowledge or skills! We have designed a Local Scalable Additive Manufacturing Process that makes it possible to produce professional Chemical Resistant N95 StaySafeMasks anywhere. Imagine the possibility of producing N95 StaySafeMasks directly in the Hospitals, Surgical Centers, Birth Centers, Clinics, Nursing Homes, Covid Testing Facilities etc, etc.

No more disruptable supply chain dependance, but local production, as local as it can be!

StaySafeMask APP

3D FabTech AS has developed a special APP for anyone to use on their iPhone or iPad to be able to order custom fitting 3D-Tailored StaySafeMask! Simply by starting the App on your device and taking a 3D-Selfie. It works exactly as taking a normal Selfie with your phone! After that the order process is completed in the App by filling in your details and preferences such as the amount of filters you want with your order and DONE!

The StaySafeMask will be automatically 3D-generated with our own 3D-APM Software and send directly to the 3D-Printer locally in your facility or at a production location nearby to keep the supply chain as short as possible to prevent any possible disruption in the delivery process.

The 3D-Tailored Custom StaySafeMask guarantees a perfect sealing on the face and a comfortable and perfect fit!

Our unique 3D-APM Software generated 3D-Tailored StaySafeMask

3D FabTech AS has developed a unique new Software called 3D-APM 'Automatic Parametric Modelling'. With this software running behind our StaySafeMask APP we are capable of 3D-Tailoring our unique StaySafeMask to any individual persons face.

The exact measurements taken from the 3D-Selfie that can be made by anyone using our App on their iPhone or iPad guarantee that our 3D-Tailored Custom StaySafeMask has follows the contours of the individuals face exactly so it always has the right shape and size. This also guarantees that our StaySafeMasks sealing is optimal and prevents leaking of air from the outside (like many times seen with disposable masks). It also makes sure that the StaySafeMask is comfortable to wear!

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