Summarizing an aggregate contribution to a characteristic for an individual

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The 23Andme, Inc. patent solves the following problem:

Recently, interest in genetics and genetic testing raised as to increase the amount of research on how genetic information of a human influence on a person's background, appearance, behavior, and physiology. Genetic testing can provide information to help people understand the areas of potential concern to discuss with their doctors, and with a doctor, help individuals to make decisions about medical management and life-style choices. Typical genetic testing solutions allow a person to order a particular genetic test, such as type 2 diabetes. individual usually receives a summary report with a limited set of results with limited interpretative information. Progress interpretation and reporting of genetic test results useful.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

23Andme, Inc.’s patent US 8510057 B1 deals with Summarizing an aggregate contribution to a characteristic for an individual.
Summarized in an aggregate contribution to a characteristic of individual states, including to determine the nature of evaluating, identifying one or more points associated with nature, to recover measure the individual for each of the one or more points out of a database of individuals' points, taking a statistical thing to measure the association between the signs associated with nature and characteristics for each with one or more points from the database sign, and to determine the aggregate contributions based at least in part on the acquired statistical reasons.

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