Specimen sample collection system

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The Oasis Diagnostics, Corporation patent solves the following problem:

Over the last few years there was a large increase in area of ​​salivary diagnostics, prompted in part by efforts from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) division to improve development of non-invasive technology for the diagnosis of disease and to measure specific analytes or molecules in saliva or oral fluid sample. These agencies make funds available for the development of novel, innovative tools including microarrays, lab-on-a-chip, lateral flow, ELISA and other technologies to use saliva and other non- invasive sampling method. Some reasons for the increased interest in salivary diagnostics involves the development of important new technologies for the collection and testing of oral fluids and improvements in the manufacturability of such devices.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Oasis Diagnostics, Corporation’s patent US 9198641 B2 deals with Specimen sample collection system.
A specimen sample collection system includes a handle having opposed first and second ends, and a sufficient sign with the shaft, wherein the second end management and sufficiency indicator of a hole adapted to receive a sample collection pad; a sample collection pad with opposing ends, the sample collection pad partially within and extending from the direction of the second end, and in contact with enough evidence, the sample collection pad with a cylindrical cross section; and, in a pad compression tube having a first open end to go over the sample collection pad and the second end of the handle, an opposing second end, an inner surface extending therebetween, and at least outlet port proximal to the pad compression tube second end and in fluid communication with the pad compression tube inside. The system may include where sufficient evidence is a light pipe, or other elements that showed, providing visual, aural or haptic indication of sufficient sample volume. The system may include where sufficient evidence includes longitudinal channel extending along the inner surface in contact with the sample collection pad to provide a way for displacement air. The system may include a sealing member to seal against a pad compression tube and perform specimen collection pad. The system may include one or more collection tubes attachable to one or more of the pad compression tube outlet port. The system may include ergonomic portion of the rod and pad compression tube. The system may include a specimen collection pad with a whole cross section of a reduced cross section portion, including a shoulder making a sealing member and an angled face to conform to the inner surface of a light pipe sufficiency indicator. The system may include one or more in-line filter next to the pad compression tube outlet port. The system may include additional features as described herein.

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