Trio-based phasing using a dynamic Bayesian network

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The 23Andme, Inc. patent solves the following problem:

Ancestry deconvolution aims to recognize the ancestral origin of chromosomal people. Ancestry deconvolution admixed individuals (ie, those whose ancestors as grandparents from different regions) is straightforward when the global population considered sufficient (for example, a grandfather from Europe and one from Asia). To date, however, current methods are often not effective in distinguishing between closely related populations (eg, in Europe). Furthermore, because of their computational complexity, the current procedures for background deconvolution not good for application in setting large-scale, which references ornaments used include thousands of people.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

23Andme, Inc.’s patent US 9213944 B1 deals with Trio-based phasing using a dynamic Bayesian network.
Do three-based elimination include: earn a set of preliminary data on haplotype a man; build a dynamic Bayesian network based at least in part on the preliminary set of haplotype data on individuals and on the haplotype data with at least one parent of the individual; and determine, based on dynamic Bayesian network, a set of refined haplotype data individually.

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